PFL Braid less weave 2 method

PLF Weaving Masterclass hair extension training course, this course covers the LA WEAVE hair extension system along with the technique of the Micro Ring Weft and is available one to one and in salon training.

On the PFL Hair Course one you will learn the following 2 methods:
LA Weave Hair Extensions
Micro Ring Weft Hair Extensions

LA Weave Hair Extension Course
The LA WEAVE is taking the hair extension industry by storm. With quick application time, and easy removal, the LA WEAVE one of the hottest hair extension application methods available on the market today.

The weft hair extensions are sewn into the client’s hair on a track of micro rings, and a full head of extensions can be achieved in just under one hour with only 2-3 rows of extensions fitted. The LA Weave feels comfortable yet secure, and there is virtually no visibility of the extensions, which means being able to tie your hair up without seeing them!
The LA Weave is kind to your hair and is the easiest method to maintain. It lays completely flat, unlike the bulky traditional braided weave.
The LA Weave will last for 8-10 weeks depending on how fast your hair growth, the client returns for maintenance for a refitting under an hour.

Micro Ring Weft Hair Extension Training Course
The micro weft hair extension system is a new technique applying wefts of hair without the need for using glue or braids.
It simply uses small metal rings which are clamped with the weft and the natural hair together.
This technique gives an amazing neat and very secure fitting of the extensions.​

​Your training handbook, this ultimate hair extensions book of knowledge will guide you through every aspect of your course including:

During this 2 Method Hair Extension Course you will learn the following:
How to carryout the correct client consultation
How to extend hair using two different methods
How to fit Human Hair Extensions
How to Remove Hair Extensions
How to apply a full head, half a head and fill in extensions
How to achieve the perfect colour match
How to cut, shape and blend your clients hair & extensions (live 30 min session via Zoom or WhatsApp)
How to care for your clients hair
How to promote aftercare & maintenance of the hair extensions
How to remove hair extensions

Kit you will need.

mannequin head (70% human hair)

Mannequin head Clamp
Blending razor
Cutting comb
Hair extension Tangle Detangle Brush
Pin tail comb

Weaving needle and thread
Micro Rings
Butterfly Clips
Sectioning Clips
Micro Ring application pulling tool
Consultation form Template
100 grams of wefted human hair


Qualification required:
None / Suitable for Beginners
Certificate / Accreditation:
 On successful completion of your course, you will receive your Internationally Recognised IPHM Certificate.

Two case studies will needed to be completed before completion of this course.

kit not included.

  • Video 1+2 0/2

  • Course Manual + Assignment 0/2

  • Business Planner 0/1

  • Consultation form 0/1

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