About Us

Welcome to Pretty Fake Lashes, a hair and beauty academy that is committed to train anyone who want to start a new career or step their game up with new skills. Our focus is on providing quality training courses for both beginners and professionals that includes high-level theoretical, practical, and technical trainings.

Our courses are at a standard that provides the prospective students basic to advance training while we provide on going support as they aspire to have an enriching career in the hair and beauty industry.

With creative and highly motivated tutors meet ambitious individuals with a passion for acquiring more knowledge in the hair and beauty industry, you will be exposed to all aspects of hair and beauty during your time with us.

We provide a broad spectrum of courses that are accredited and internationally recognised to help you  gain top knowledge in all areas of learning and engaging knowledge.

Pretty fake lashes is here to help train students with in house seasoned trainers who are professionals with years of experience, capable of imparting comprehensive, hands-on training, delivering value that will make each student standout for best performance when they start their own business. Our trainers and tutors provide the best educational, practical, and technical knowledge based on the all-encompassing curriculum that places us ahead of other training institutions.

Each student receives instruction on sound technical skills and professional support from tutors in a comfortable setting that will  get you on the right path.

At the end of the training session, your graduates are tested and certified, giving you a competitive advantage, which will ultimately set you to a successful career.

Your journey to become a renowned hair and beauty professional starts with us. Its a multi million pound industry why not take a piece of the pie? We invite you to accept the opportunity and register at Pretty Fake Lashes for a successful career, start today!


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